Renaming “Pacific Crossroads Church South Bay”

Originally Announced on June 7, 2022

We’re pleased to share that Pacific Crossroads Church South Bay has a new name: King’s Cross Church!


Vote Results

On Sunday (6/5), 102 people voted to change our name to King’s Cross. Our prayer, through this three month process, has been for unity and a compelling name that exudes our main focus. We believe God has answered our prayers.

What’s in a Name

This name is true to who we are, in the sense that we emphasize these paradoxical themes frequently. The Gospel embodies the tension between royalty and criminality, majesty and suffering, palace and poverty (Php.2:8-12; Heb.12:2). While deeply significant to us, the overt meaning of this name should be readily understood in our community, even those unchurched. Our guilt and shame were replaced with God’s pardon and acceptance on our King’s Cross.

What’s Next?

Practically speaking, from here there is much to do, but we have decided to begin using our new name immediately. We’ve begun making the transition, which could take up to three months, beginning with a new logo and color scheme. However, when it comes to offerings, please continue to use “Pacific Crossroads Church South Bay” until further notice. The long list of changes may take a few months to implement, but – for practical purposes – let us consider our former name retired, and embrace King’s Cross together.

We thank you who have invested and partnered with us in these initial three years of our existence. This transition is yet another way God has shown us favor – especially seeing how many of you care deeply about this body. Now let’s pray that our unity and joy grow, as we share Christ with one another and with the South Bay.

For more context and rationale, please watch this video announcement made by Pastor Russ on April 24, 2022.